Happy International Women's Day!

Out on my morning run this International Women's Day, my thoughts roamed on to all the amazing and inspiring women who I know, encounter and have in my life.

Ordinary women who are doing extraordinary things each and every day.

Women who are giving their time to help others.  Making a bold change in their work.  Leading large scale change in organisations.  Smiling and welcoming strangers.  Bringing up beautiful, responsible children.  Starting their own businesses.  Skilfully navigating busy home and work responsibilities.  Dealing with tricky work relationships.  Being creative.  Setting themselves challenging physical and mental goals.  Facing break ups with dignity.  Helping others learn and develop.  Giving themselves time to grow and enjoy life.  Being a role model. 

Women who are making a difference in a million different ways - though they don't always realise it themselves.  You know who you are...

I am grateful to know each and every one of you  You inspire me.  Remember how fantastic you are!  And keep doing what you are doing.

#BeBrave  #BeKind  #BeYou  #BeBoldForChange